“Overflow” (Solution)


Checked   Int32   increased max: OverflowException
Checked   Double  increased max: 1,79769313486232E+308
Checked   Decimal increased max: OverflowException
Unchecked Int32   increased max: -2147483607
Unchecked Double  increased max: 1,79769313486232E+308
Unchecked Decimal increased max: OverflowException

Overflow operations with sbyte, byte, short, ushort, int, uint, long, ulong, char throw OverflowException depending on checked/unchecked context (ECMA-334, 11.1.5).

Overflow operations with float, double never throw OverflowException (ECMA-334, 11.1.6).

Overflow operations with decimal always throw OverflowException (ECMA-334, 11.1.7).


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